Valued Acts Announces Release of New Accountability Platform for Remote Work

WASHINGTON, April 14, 2020 – Valued Acts, a privately-held software company, announced the public release of a new process management platform to assist in the coordination of remote teams.

The global response to COVID-19 has necessitated an unprecedented shift out of the office and into a remote work environment. Leadership teams are making quick pivots to identify resources that support the home office as the “new normal.” Keeping remote teams motivated, productive and connected will be of the utmost importance throughout this transition and into a future where distributed work will be more common.

“It’s critical to reinforce a culture of accountability and transparency as your team becomes more distributed, said Paul Harrison, CEO of Valued Acts. “We’re excited to help our customers give their remote teams the tools they need to self-organize, align towards near-term goals, prioritize action and communicate progress.”

Valued Acts’ software and unique methodology, guided by trained project managers, tap Agile best practices and introduce a new bottom-up approach to team coordination where members of a team define important work together and track its completion. Using Valued Acts, teams establish a peer-to-peer accountability structure focused on shared, near-term operational goals, helping groups maintain alignment while responding to evolving challenges.

“Things changed so suddenly for us all,” said Gaby Pereryra, a Program Manager at GrowNYC (, a Valued Acts customer. “Valued Acts helped our team communicate effectively, identify and prioritize what was most important to us and create a plan to get moving again,” she said. 

Another customer, Bill Hinz, Chief Strategy Officer at Hinz Consulting (, added “This approach has really pushed our team to be accountable and opened up communication pathways that don’t typically come to light.”

About Valued Acts

Valued Acts ( leverages new technology and proven process management methods to build a network of trust through personal accountability, one important action at a time. The Valued Acts platform focuses on peer interdependencies to foster trust and motivation among people working together to achieve shared goals.

Source: Workfields Incorporated d/b/a Valued Acts


Audrey Logan
Marketing Manager

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