Get aligned. Be more accountable. Get more done, together.

Does your team still run on task delegation and weekly status meetings? Do you and your teammates find themselves waiting around to see results? Let Valued Acts help you stay informed without chasing updates. You define and observe what gets done from start to finish. Our unique pact-making process will help you get the right people on board, define expectations and check that they actually delivered.

How it works

Propose Work

Suggest tasks and get feedback from peers on scope and value of work.

Opt-in to Roles

Get collaborators on board, clarify responsibilities and stay aligned when plans change.

Track Progress

Easily track progress and see what’s underway and what people are waiting for.

Verify Results

Generate objective, unbiased track records of what happened, and what didn’t.

A better way for teams to work together.

Valued Acts’ unique people alignment software taps powerful team and peer motivators resulting in more engaged, productive and autonomous team members. Where traditional task management relies on individuals to monitor and manage workflows, people alignment empowers the team as a whole to own their processes and results. Our human-centered people alignment platform emphasizes:

  • Accountability. We define work as “pacts” between colleagues, encouraging mutual accountability and support.
  • Empowerment. Teammates work together to define a pact’s scope and timeline, ensuring everyone has a chance to give input.
  • Transparency. Teams only win when they’re reading from the same playbook. Valued Acts allows teammates to see work in progress and what people are waiting for without chasing down updates.
  • Skill Building. Empower the whole team to plan and track work together, freeing up managers to focus on coaching, mentoring and supporting their teams.

“All of my team works remotely, and my biggest problem is getting people to do the things they said they would do.”

Senior Executive, Fortune 50 Company

Plans and Pricing

People Alignment App

  • Full access to the Valued Acts people alignment software for you and your team
  • Performance metrics dashboard to keep a record of what you and others did over time
  • Robust customer support
  • Access to training modules and knowledge library
$10/user per month

Process Consulting

Need help finding your way?

Our team-building consulting services can help you and the people you work with adopt realize the true power of people alignment.

We’ll supply you with project management professionals that offer coordination training, coaching and dynamic group workshops.