Real Accountability

Go beyond basic to-do lists and motivate people to create plans and execute them together.

Clear Communication

Use our peer-to-peer “Pact” model to identify important tasks and bring people on board in real time.

True Alignment

Show up and deliver on important tasks just like you show up to meetings on your calendar.

Why Valued Acts?

Just like your calendar app holds you accountable to being in a certain place at a certain time each day, Valued Acts helps people hold themselves and their peers accountable to follow through on their commitments.

We put people at the center of planning, eliminating the need to chase updates and waste time on status meetings.

Case Studies

  • Communicating With Intention: Your 15-Minute Roadmap
    At Valued Acts, we use a daily 15-minute standup to help our client teams (and ourselves!) maintain alignment and understand peer dependencies. Here’s how it works.

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  • Case Study: NationSwell
    Valued Acts helped the Council streamline the publication and editorial workflows for its weekly newsletter.

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  • Case Study: GrowNYC
    Leveraging its peer-to-peer planning model, team coordination facilitators and software application, Valued Acts is helping GrowNYC maintain alignment and coordination among teams to drive program design and execution for La Nueva Siembra

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  • Case Study: Hinz Consulting
    Valued Acts helps Hinz Consulting to coordinate their senior leadership team. Recently, they worked to design a metrics report that would be used to assess progress toward both short and long term strategic goals.

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