How It Works

We’re all in uncharted territory… but you can’t afford to be lost. Valued Acts is here to help your team find its way, together.

Our transformative approach will:

  • Unleash productivity rapidly and significantly
  • Increase employee satisfaction and reduce churn
  • Reduce team burnout and turnover costs
  • Be up and running quickly and show results within the first week

Unleash powerful peer motivators and accomplish more as a team.

  • Drive performance through our light-touch, high-impact peer-to-peer accountability model
  • Enhance internal communications with hands-on coaching from our experienced project managers
  • Clarify roles and expectations to improve efficiency
  • Use Valued Acts technology platform for planning, executing and tracking work

Stay aligned and get more done with our hands-on, comprehensive solution to team coordination.

  • Agile-based work cycle execution to keep teams focused
  • Live meeting facilitation from our certified project management experts
  • 1-1 coaching for managers and executives to help take ownership of your processes
  • Team and skill building: effective team communication, peer-to-peer task prioritization and execution
  • Integrated technology solutions fit to your organization

Targeted, powerful engagements at a manageable cost.

Up to 20 hours per month with a dedicated project manager
Onboarding and internal integration
Valued Acts peer-to-peer accountability platform and tech support
No long-term commitments