How It Works

Our software and human approach focus on peer interdependencies to foster trust and motivation among people working together to achieve shared goals.


Novel Approach To Cooperation

  • Easy to install
  • Quickly propose tasks and define important work with peers
  • Communicate needs and expectations before work begins
  • Track progress toward shared goals
  • Provide a sight line into how people are working together
  • Creates a verified work history of cooperation

I feel confident my team understands exactly what I need and can see progress being made.


A Culture of Trust and Accountability

  • Agile based practices help non technical teams break down complex challenges into bite size pieces
  • Short, focused work cycles support iterative and continuous improvement
  • Peers are empowered to hold each other accountable to keep work moving forward
  • Teams remain flexible and responsive to change
  • Coordination efforts are focused on identifying dependencies and clearing impediments
  • Trust is built between colleagues and peers, one action at a time

It’s energizing to feel like your team is on the same page and really getting things done, especially as a remote team.


Virtual Convening Experts

  • Professionals lead installation and process adoption
  • Meeting facilitation by external third party frees up managers to be present and focused on strategy vs tracking minutia
  • Project and process management coaching integrated into meeting structures

Having an outside person run our meetings kept us focused and helped us communicate effectively as a team. We’re now on track to hit goals that felt aspirational just a month ago.